Speaker Schedule

Speakers should download a Bio Sheet to fill out and bring with them to their presentation. Choose one from below.

The speakers schedule is maintained by the Chapter's Secretary.

BIO**** The secretary will read the bio of the speaker which should take no more than 3 minutes. If a speaker forgets their bio (after having 6 weeks to prepare) they will be asked the questions and will be counted towards their 8 minutes or opt out of the bio portion.

(This may change with 3 minutes launching pads and breakout sessions.)

Projector Use

For our digital projector, bring in aVGA adapter for your laptop. There is spotty access to a wireless network. Bring the power supply for your laptop and a back up of your presentation on a flash drive. 

Make arrangements with the following people to use the projector and screen as it is not guaranteed that it is brought every week. 

Projector Screen: Seth Barret

Projector: John Marsoobian

Click here to view our Holiday Schedule.

Furniture Groups

Furniture rotation will rotate between groups; each group will be announced along with the speaker schedule. Please be sure to arrive early to help get the room setup. Networking begins at 6:45 am. The President, VP and the Door Greeter are exempt from the furniture moving requirements. 

Group 1:

Joe Eldridge | Lynne Damianos | Seth Barrett | Emily Cherin

Group 2:

Jeff Lasky | Pamela Bardhi | Andrea Wasik | Kristina Yee

Group 3: 

Andrew Reck | Andrew Jurdan | Merry Gerard | John Marsoobian

Group 4:

David Lazowski |  Rebecca Davis | Nigel Costolloe | Doug J. Murstein 

Group 5:

Myles Proe | Debbie Tyson | Maga Sanchez-Dahl | Ian Forman

Group 6:

Rohan Mehta | Christie Dustman | Hudson Santana | Wendy Byrne | Chris Ernst