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The Golden Rule BNI Style

A great Ed moment from Deborah Tyson:  There is some version of The Golden Rule in every religion.  I'm currently trying to teach it to my 5 year old, in the hopes that she becomes a human that cares about others (doesn't currently) Essentially it is about treating others as you'd want to be treated - in a nutshell, empathy. We start to develop empathy around age 5 and it grows over time as our brains continue to develop - sometimes it's not complete until age 20! As adults, our brains are fully developed and we hopefully learned empathy while we were growing up. How does The Golden Rule apply at BNI? Most of us want to treat others well and with respect just because it's the right thing to do. In this context, who wants to refer business to and build a relationship with people they feel disrespected by?…
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June 6th – Featured Presenters

Today we featured Andrew Reck of Oak Hill Architects and Roberta Traynor of Chef Berta Personal Chef Services.  Andrew introduced his companies new social media out reach including both his website, Houzz Page and his Instagram Page. Each with its own focus from final projects to images of projects in process.  Roberta as per usual put on a great spread of food complete with Fresh Smoked Salmon, Bacon etc.  Let's think of both of them this week as we connect with those who would be in need of their services. 
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Visitors Day a Huge Success

We would like to thank everyone who helped make visitors day a success. Let's give a special thanks to Maga and Roberta for organizing such a wonderful event.  We are inducting 7 new members thanks to everyone's commitment to the group and its continued growth.  [wonderplugin_slider id=3]      
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